Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit on Driveway

Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit

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To join the green energy revolution and switch your current fuel powered generator to something clean and renewable, the Wagan Solar Generator Plug n Play Kit is an ideal choice for first timers. This simple system features a Wagan portable power pack along with a 30 watt 12v polycrystalline solar panel for a basic generator setup that you can take anywhere.

Whether you want something for camping that will give just enough power for the necessities, or a reliable source of power to keep at home for emergencies and backup electricity, the Wagan Solar Generator Plug n Play Kit is a great choice.

Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit Power Dome Connected to Laptop and Tablet

A Simple Solution For Green Energy

For a simple to use, portable, and renewable source of energy to give you peace of mind this device can offer it all for just over $300. Compared to other solar generators on the market, it’s the best way to test the waters of solar power and see what it can do for you.

  • Easy to use - Unlike other generators that can be complicated to set up, the Wagan Plug n Play has everything you need to get started using the sun’s energy straight away. It’s great for those with limited knowledge on solar power and so easy to use.
  • Can be used indoors - Unlike fuel powered generators, this solar generator can be used indoors without emitting any toxic fumes or loud sounds. This generator is particularly useful for storms and harsh weather conditions where you might need a power supply inside the house.
  • 25ft wire for convenience - The 25ft wire connecting the portable power pack and solar panels means you can keep operating your generator while the panels sit comfortably outside and generate electricity from the sun.

Some Areas For Improvement

If you expect to purchase the Wagan Plug n Play Generator Kit for any heavy duty power needs, you’re going to be disappointed. It really only has the ability to run some lights and very small appliances, making it perfect for emergencies.

There are quite a few battery operated items that can’t be charged using this generator, so if you’re after versatility with what your power pack can do then it’s best to look elsewhere.

The Verdict

Although the price makes this an attractive purchase, you should really only consider it for smaller applications or emergency power. It’s extremely convenient and easy to use, so would suit someone just dipping their toes into solar energy or looking for backup power at their home.

Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit Power Dome Connected to Tablet

Our Rating

The system as a whole runs extremely well and is a durable and comfortable alternative to fuel generators. If you’re looking for something more powerful, there is the option to purchase multiples or perhaps upgrade to a larger wattage, but otherwise, it can give you just enough free and renewable energy to keep you comfortable in an emergency.

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