Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 on a Grass Field

Wagan EL2546 Solar e-Cube 1500

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For the ultimate portable power source that relies on only clean energy, the top choice is Wagan. The Wagan EL2546 Solar e-Cube 1500 Watt Generator has everything you could ever ask for in a solar generator, and enough power to help you live comfortably.

With 80 watts of solar panels already built into the e-Cube, you can use this amount or decide to attach more for an even greater source of power. This solar cube is ideal for camping, long trips away, or as a reliable source of backup energy for emergencies at home.

Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Easy to Use Parts

Ready to Use Straight From The Box

Unlike other solar generators, the Wagan EL2546 Solar e-Cube 1500 Generator is ready to use as soon as you purchase it. There’s no need to buy any additional solar panels or cords, as you can start to get free energy from the sun instantly.

  • 1500 watts of power - Far more powerful than most on the market, the 1500 watt power of this solar generator can power light bulbs, laptops, stereos, thermos fridges, televisions and more with just one charge on energy.
  • Adaptable and versatile - With separate solar panels and batteries for future use, you can decide to increase your energy needs at a later date if you need. There’s no need to upgrade to a more powerful machine as you can simply add on what you want to meet your family’s growing power usage.
  • Easy to transport - The convenient design of the Wagan Solar ePower Cube means you can pop out the handle and wheel it around, just as you would with a suitcase. The wheels are all terrain so they’re great for the outdoors too, and there are additional compartments for any extra accessories you might need.

Priced at just over $1,000 this device is extremely great value for money when compared to other solar generators. With 1500 watts of power and the option to increase, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as powerful for around the same price.

Charging Not as Powerful With This Generator

One major disadvantage with this system is the apparent inability to reach a full charge, even when being in direct sunlight for hours. Although it promises 1500 watts of power, the best option is to attach additional batteries and panels to get a good amount of energy from one charge.

Editor’s Recommendation

Wagan has truly thought of everything when it comes to their Solar ePower Cube. Although the charging ability still has room for improvement, you should have enough to keep your campsite running quite comfortably.

Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500 Opened Design

Our Rating

The price alone is a huge advantage to this system, and considering it’s ready to use straight out of the box it’s an ideal unit for first-time solar power users. There’s no need to purchase additional panels or attach cords as it’s all there for you unless of course, you want a power upgrade.

Overall, the Solar ePower Cube from Wagan ticks all of the boxes for a reliable and affordable source of renewable and portable energy.

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