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Using a Portable Solar Generator

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Although our electricity supply is a fairly constant thing in our lives, there can be times when we’re left without it. Whether it’s a planned outage where you’re camping off the grid or a weather disaster has left your home without power, having a portable solar generator on hand can give you and your family safety and comfort when you need it most.

Many homes have relied on fuel powered generators for years to power them through a crisis, and while these generators are certainly handy and reliable there are some benefits they just can’t offer that a clean solar powered generator can.

Portable solar generators are a simple way to produce free and renewable energy so you can have it stored for when your family is without power. Thanks to their portability, they’re great for not only around the home but to take on camping trips, RV holidays, or unexpected outages elsewhere when you might be able to help a friend out.

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Finding the best portable solar generator might not be an easy feat, though, as the sudden popularity of this renewable energy source means there is now an influx of systems available to choose from. By narrowing down the specific needs of your family and your power usage, you can get a better understanding of what generator would be best for you.

How Does a Portable Solar Generator Work?

Although many people understand that solar power comes from the sun, the actual workings behind it can be a little more complex. A portable solar generator works just the same way as a home run by solar generator, but it’s packaged in a more compact and moveable unit, giving you access to electricity wherever you may be.

A portable solar generator kit is made up of solar panels which connect to the unit, and usually contained within are a battery, inverter, charge controller, and outlets for your electronics. As the sun reaches the solar panels, the tiny silicone cells within capture this heat and convert it into energy.

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This energy then passes through into the unit’s battery so that it can recharge it or fill it up. Once full, the battery will then be able to store this power for use at a later date. With a full battery, you can then attach your devices such as cell phone chargers and lights directly to the unit and get free and renewable energy.

Why Portable Power is Essential

We often don’t realize how much we rely on electricity until it’s gone, and whether it’s an unexpected power blackout at home or a camping trip in the wilderness, it’s nice to have peace of mind that you have backup energy on hand for when you need it.

Having a portable power supply means you can take electricity with you virtually anywhere you go, and because it’s clean and renewable you’ll never have to pay a cent for it. With portable power, you’re able to power up your home, campsite, workplace, or help out a friend in need, giving you true freedom to move.

While the most common use for portable solar generators is to provide backup power for home or a camping trip, these systems are also extremely useful for providing aid to disaster-stricken areas. An entrepreneur from the UK recently invented a solar generator 10 times more powerful than domestic solar generators for use in poverty and disaster prone areas, offering a realistic solution to energy problems in these countries.

Dozen Cellphones Charging on a Solar Powered Generator

Portable solar generators can be literal lifesavers in times of need, whether it’s to charge communication devices to place a call for help or to provide power for urgent medical equipment. Not only are these portable power packs useful for modern conveniences, but also more serious measures such as these.

Benefits of Using a Portable Solar Generator

While generators overall can be extremely convenient, there are some great benefits to getting your portable energy free from the sun. Here are just a few ways that switching to portable solar energy can advantage both you and the environment.

  • Reduces carbon emissions - Considering electricity production accounts for over a third of our country’s carbon emissions, there’s never been a better time to switch to solar. Using a portable solar generator not only helps you but can do amazing things for our environment but won’t cost you any inconvenience.
  • Maintenance and cost free - Once you’ve set up your solar generator, there’s little else to do. The batteries will charge during the day with the sun and then you can use this backup power at night. They require minimal cleaning and don’t need to be topped up with fuel or other pollutants.
  • Easy to move - A portable solar generator can be taken virtually anywhere you go. These lightweight alternatives to gas powered systems have no heavy motors or machinery so you can pack them away with ease, or keep them stored at home without taking up much space at all.
  • No pollution - Traditional generators produce a lot of pollution, both noise, and toxic fumes. Thanks to its simple design, a solar generator is silent to run and won’t emit gasses. This means you can set it up inside your home or campsite to receive free energy without ever knowing it’s there.
Portable Solar Generator on a Grass Field with Solar Panel

Finding The Best Solar Power Generator For Home

Many homes already have a source of backup power at their home, either with battery operated devices or fuel powered generators. However, using solar energy at home for your emergency power supply means you get all of the great benefits of a clean power supply that is virtually cost and maintenance free.

Finding the best solar power generator to suit your household will depend on a few factors, as there’s no one device that will suit every type of family. Firstly, the number of people in your house will factor into your energy use, as the more people there are the greater need you’ll have.

Secondly, you’ll need to determine your reliance on electronics. Are there certain items that you won’t want to live without, such as refrigeration and a television? Or are you happy to survive on the bare essentials such as minimal lighting and chargers for your cell phone?

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Most people prefer to use a little more power at home than they would in a camping situation, so it’s always best to determine your energy output and then go for a higher level of watts. This ensures you can meet an increasing demand for power in the future without having to upgrade your entire generator completely.

Finding The Best Solar Power Generator For Camping

When considering a solar power generator for camping, your needs will likely be a little different than to home. Some people prefer to camp completely off the grid with no access to powered sites or top up electricity anywhere, so in this case, they rely solely on their portable solar generator. However, if you stay at powered sites or rely on a blend of both generator and electrical outlets then you won’t need such a high capacity of watts.

Secondly, consider how comfortable you like to camp and whether you still prefer access to electronics while you’re away. For many, camping is the ideal time to completely switch off from their devices and escape, but others still prefer to have modern conveniences on hand. All of these things will determine just how much power your portable solar generator needs.

Camping with Solar Generator

A portable solar generator for camping will need greater mobility than one kept at home, so look out for additional accessories such as wheels and handles that allow you to transport it. Otherwise, something simple such as a solar backpack can be a lightweight and easy way to provide yourself with solar energy if you don’t need much power for your trip.

Using a Portable Solar Generator Kit

Having portable solar power is one of the easiest things you can do, and with a portable solar generator kit, you can have these working straight out of the box. The main thing to consider with these generators is that you’ll need to have adequate sunlight to charge the battery, so if you’re camping or travelling you should find an area that’s unobstructed by trees or other shade causing objects.

Keep the solar panels protected as well as you can by having them up high and out of the way. Many travelers like to place them on top of their RV so they can conveniently get a constant supply of power, removing them if the weather becomes destructive. Be cautious of opportunistic thieves, though, as just like regular generators these systems can be very appealing to passersby.

Once charged, you can connect your devices to the generator using the plugs provided. Most modern solar generator kits will give you options such as USB ports or standard AC outlets, but you need to be careful not to power up too much for its capacity.

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Keep an eye on your energy usage, and consider starting a log about how each day went. You can record which devices were plugged in and for how long, as well as record the battery life. This will help to manage your power use and better budget how the electricity is spent each day.

Other Styles of Portable Solar Generators

If you’re interested in portable solar energy but not quite ready for the commitment of purchasing a large generator, you can try out one of these other methods. These devices are all great ways to get free, portable solar energy that you can use in an emergency or cut some power costs at home.

  • Solar backpack - A solar backpack features panels on the rear that charge as you go about your day, giving enough energy to keep your cell phone, camera, and other small appliances charged.
  • USB charger - These small devices give just enough power to keep your cell phone charged, but have the versatility to support any number of electronics that have a USB port.
  • Solar lights and fans - There are many different styles of lights and fans that can be powered by solar energy for use at home or camping, so you don’t need to plug into a generator just to reap the rewards of this renewable energy source.
  • Solar fridge - As one of the most power-sapping electronics we have, plugging your fridge into a solar generator can drain the battery fast. These solar powered fridges do all the work for you in an efficient and green way.
Solar Powered Fridge in Nature

Even just using some solar energy to power your smaller devices is helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. While the energy use may be low, when added up over your lifetime the savings can equate to a lot eventually.

The Future of Portable Solar Energy

With a continued focus on how portable solar generators can help in aid situations, the technology behind these amazing systems is sure to improve. As we’ve already seen how a powerful generator can help those countries in energy crisis due to natural disasters and poverty, it’s inspiring to imagine how developed this technology can become.

For now, the home user of portable solar generators has a variety of options to choose from with their system. Every convenience has been factored in to provide you with just as much reliability as a fuel powered portable generator can, without any of the ongoing costs or damage to the environment.

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Even if you haven’t had a use for a solar generator yet, there may be a time in the near future where your household goes without power. Having a backup energy source that’s portable and renewable can give your family a little peace of mind that you’re covered in case anything ever goes wrong.

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