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5 Tips to Choose Best Solar Generator

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Although having a generator on hand can be useful, they’re often loud to operate, can emit dangerous gases and fumes in the area, and can be extremely heavy to transport. Solar energy has changed the way we look at our electricity usage, and with a new range of solar generators available, you can now harness the sun’s natural energy for your backup power.

Choosing a solar generator can be tricky, though, with so many products on the market claiming to be the latest and greatest device. Depending on your needs, there’s likely to be a best solar generator for you so it’s just a matter of navigating through a few choices to find your ideal system.

Size Matters

Before purchasing any generator, solar or not, you should have in mind just how much power you require from the system. With solar generators, in particular, the wattage offered might not be as high as gas powered machines so keep in mind that your energy supply will be somewhat limited.

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Most people opt for a good solar generator that will allow them to keep their phones and laptops charged while supplying enough energy for lighting too. Something around 400 watts is ideal here, as it will give you just enough for the basics. If you’re after more capacity, 1250 watts or more is a smarter choice.

Recharging Options

If you’ve decided to go with a solar generator, chances are your main interest is in its ability to charge up using free energy from the sun. However, there may be times when the sun just isn’t shining as bright or you have a more urgent need to get the system back to full power.

In this case, you should always opt for a solar generator that gives you more options for how to recharge the batteries. Most quality solar generators will offer additional choices such as charging with your car battery or plugging it straight into the wall outlet, for those times when you can’t wait around for the sun to work its magic.

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This may not factor in as much if you’re planning on using the solar generator just around the house, but it’s a smart design feature to have regardless. Not only should a good solar generator be lighter than a standard machine, but it should also have some sort of feature that makes it easy to transport.

Traditional generators are known for being extremely heavy, and this can make things complicated when you’re camping or fishing and need to transport it a long distance. Opt for something with specially designed handles and wheels that allow you to transport it easily, even if you’re walking. In emergencies, this can be a crucial feature to have.

Panel Options

Considering you need solar panels to keep your generator charged, these are one of the most important design features to consider. Always choose a machine that allows you to add more panels for adaptability in case you need more power. The bigger and better your panels, the quicker your battery will charge.

PnP Solar Generator and Two Panels Used for Recharging

Most systems come with a designated solar panel plug, and you will often need to purchase these panels separately. Ensure they meet your generator’s system requirements so that you don’t do any damage overloading the device.

The Verdict

Finding the best solar generator won’t result in the same product for every buyer, with so many variables to consider. The first place to start is by considering what type of usage yours will get, how often you’ll use it, and what type of power needs you’re going to have.

There are some necessities, though, such as sticking to a quality and trusted brand as well as a generator that gives you multiple options for recharging the batteries. Since you’ll be relying on this device to keep your home running in a blackout or when you’re far away on a lengthy camping trip in the wilderness, you need dependability and reliability first and foremost.

Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit Power Dome Connected to Laptop and Tablet

As always, your budget should be the first indicator for what type of solar generator you can purchase. Keep in mind that solar generators often cost more than standard gasoline ones as they offer cleaner and smarter energy options, with prices at around five times that of normal costs. However, there is quite a sliding scale when it comes to prices so it just depends on the other features you’re looking for.

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