Suaoki Portable Generator Gas-free Quietly Solar In Use by Family Camping

Suaoki Portable Generator Gas-Free Quietly Solar

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For an affordable entry into the world of solar generators, the Suaoki Portable Generator is your best first step. This amazing generator runs on the sun’s natural light to give you free and renewable energy for your campsite or at home.

With 220Wh of power capacity, you can connect your required solar panels and inverters to meet your energy requirements. This portable powerhouse can connect to any DC, USB, and AC appliance to keep you fully charged when you need it most.

Suaoki Portable Generator Gas-free Quietly Solar Next to Tablet on a Campsite

Solar generators are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and provide your family with a sustainable source of power. This portable device gives you just enough power for the necessities without needing to spend a cent on electricity or gas.

High Capacity For a Small Device

Priced at just over $250, this is one of the most affordable ways to use solar energy efficiently. The Suaoki Portable Generator offers 220 watts of power for your home and camping needs and is far more reasonably priced than others on the market.

  • Versatile outputs - With a range of DC, AC, and USB plugs on this device, you have true versatility and freedom for how you can use it.
  • Convenient to carry - Encased in a solid steel shell and with a convenient handle, this system is easy to take along on camping trips or anytime you might be away from home. It carries just like a suitcase so you can pack it away easily with your other belongings.
  • Refuel from the sun or at home - Connect the generator to compatible solar panels to get free and renewable solar energy, or use the wall outlet option for a quick and easy recharge before you head out the door.
Suaoki Portable Generator Gas-free Quietly Solar Components

Possible Downfalls With The Suaoki Portable Generator

The major disadvantage with this generator is that you can’t use the USB ports when you’re working with solar energy. The system needs to be connected to a wall outlet for these to operate so you won’t be able to use the USB port specifically when camping.

While it does have a LED display, this can sometimes be erratic and isn’t completely reliable. It’s best to use your own judgement and monitor your power usage separately, as relying on this could cause problems.


This portable generator is an absolute powerhouse giving you 220 watts of free energy from the sun with every charge. Since there’s the option for a wall outlet plug-in, you have another source of backup power in case the sun doesn’t decide to shine.

Suaoki Portable Generator Gas-free Quietly Solar Design

Our Rating

While there are some areas of inconvenience with the lack of solar USB charging and a somewhat faulty LED display, these are small prices to pay for the overall cost of the device. Considering you can have enough power to charge cell phones, use small appliances, and turn on lighting, it’s great value for money.

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