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Solar Generators For Home

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For many Americans, having a backup supply of power at home is the easiest way to ensure peace of mind for their family’s safety and comfort. Until recently, fuel powered generators were the only way to get this peace of mind so that you could be sure your household would never lose power for your most critical needs during wild weather or unplanned blackouts.

As the solar energy craze continues to spread, many homes are now not only switching their entire power supply to the sun’s energy but also using it to power up their backup generators too. Using a portable solar generator for homes means you have instant and clean energy on hand any time you need it, without the ongoing costs of a fuel system.

Portable Solar Generator With Panel on Wheels

Solar generators for home are an affordable way to keep your household running without power, and with so many benefits over traditional fuel generators, it makes sense to equip your home with one. However, with such a variety of products now available that offer solar energy it can be difficult to navigate the market to find which one is best for your family’s needs.

How do You Use a Solar Generator at Home?

A solar generator uses the sun’s light to give it power, and then this power is stored in a battery so that you can use it for appliances and electronics around the home. These generators are made up of photovoltaic (PV) panels, batteries, a regulator, and inverter, usually combined in one simple system for ease of use at home.

When the panels are placed in the sunlight, they attract energy which then converts into electricity. This electricity flows into the battery and when it has enough charge, it can be used to plug in your devices or other power supplies. When you’re not using it, the battery is able to store the energy for later so it’s ideal for backup and emergency power too.

A solar generator at home can be stored away in your garage for whenever you need it or kept around as a constant supply of energy. Just by utilizing a little of the sun’s free energy you can enjoy solar power at your household and greatly reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Whether you’re relying on a larger scale solar generator to power up your home in a blackout, or just want a smaller and more portable power pack, there are so many amazing ways you can use solar power at home without having to install your entire home with panels.

Goal Zero Yeti Powering a Microwave in a Kitchen

The Benefits of Switching to a Solar Generator

Replacing traditional energy sources with solar gives you a range of benefits, and this is especially the case when you switch to a solar generator at home. Here are just a few advantages to having backup power free from the sun.

  • Reduces carbon footprint - As the US continues to be one of the lead consumers of energy in the world, it becomes increasingly important to look for alternative and renewable power sources. Something as simple as switching to a solar generator in your home can make a world of difference to your carbon footprint.
  • Cheap - Although the initial outlay for a solar power generator may be costly, these devices will continue to run for years without any additional costs or maintenance. Not only are the maintenance costs low, but you’ll save on fuel, batteries, and electricity every time you use the sun’s free power supply.
  • Portable - A solar generator can be taken virtually anywhere, so they’re far more reliable than traditional power sources. Whether you want to go camping or need portable power for a work situation, solar energy can be renewed from virtually anywhere in the world and it’s always going to be free.
  • Safe for your family - Traditional fuel generators can be extremely unsafe when not used correctly, as they emit carbon monoxide fumes. This means they can only be used outdoors and in a ventilated area, unlike solar generators which are safe to use anywhere and won’t produce gasses.
  • Comfortable for your family - Because a solar generator has no moving parts to its construction it’s virtually silent to run and won’t interrupt your household through the night.
  • Maintenance free - Once you’ve set up a solar generator at home, you don’t need to give it a second thought. During the day, the batteries will stay charged thanks to the sun’s natural energy and then at night the battery supply will keep your home powered up. They require minimal cleaning and often run for years without any interference.
PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Usage For Camping

When Might You Need a Solar Generator at Home?

Even if you’ve never relied on backup energy before, there’s never been a better time to start considering how emergency power might be beneficial for your household. As the weather continues to prove itself unpredictable, there are many natural disasters which can knock out our power supply for hours, weeks or days without any warning.

In addition to unpredictable weather, there are certain times when a scheduled power outage can leave you without your basic modern conveniences. Whether you’re performing electrical work at home or your energy supplier has a planned outage upcoming, using solar generators for home mean you don’t need to be without electricity.

On a smaller scale, there are solar generators and power sources that can keep your basic appliances running around the home. Some might choose to keep their laptop or cell phone running by using solar chargers, which is a great way to use free and renewable energy without the cost of a large generator.

Wagan Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit Power Dome Connected to Laptop and Tablet

The best thing about using a solar generator rather than a fuel powered one is that you can recharge its batteries every single day without it costing you a cent or having to leave the house, even when the weather may not be as sunny as you’d hoped. UV rays can still be produced even in cloudy weather, so your solar generator is extremely adaptable to most weather conditions.

Different Types of Solar Generators For Home

When deciding on a solar generator system to suit your household, you’ll need to consider the different types available. As every home is different and our energy use can differ quite dramatically, there’s never going to be one single solution to suit everyone.

The most common type of solar generator features the main unit and solar panels. This unit contains within it all of the necessary parts to generate power, such as an inverter and the battery, so there’s no need for you to set anything up. These are recommended for those with limited knowledge on solar energy or anyone after convenience and reliability as they come ready to use straight from the box.

Portable Solar Generator with a Solar Panel

Secondly, something smaller such as a power pack works just the same as the larger scale generators but offers limited power. These are able to be transported virtually anywhere as they’re lightweight, but they can only offer enough energy to keep necessities such as cell phones charged and minimal lighting.

Finally, there are DIY solar generators for home use which you can construct yourself provided you have some knowledge on how to set the system up. You’ll need to purchase separately the solar panels, inverter, charge controller, battery, wires, and anything else necessary, however, you’ll be able to build a fully customized generator to suit your needs.

How Much Power Can a Solar Generator Provide at Home?

With so many different sizes of solar generators available, it all depends on your personal power use at home and which devices you want to run. Solar generators can start as small as 100 watts and go right up into the thousands, so their abilities differ quite significantly.

  • Light use - The most basic solar generators at home can be used to provide lighting and keep your phones charged. Beginning at around 100 watts, these are an affordable way to keep backup energy at home for emergencies and are often referred to as power packs.
  • Moderate use - The most popular size of solar generator is the mid-range type, from about 400 watts and upwards. Something this size can supply your home with lighting and enough electricity to power your laptops, phones, and other small appliances so you can live comfortably.
  • Heavy use - Solar generators for heavy duty use start at around 1250 watts, with the capacity to add on more panels and batteries when needed. If your home requires a range of devices and electronics such as lighting, refrigeration, entertainment, and more, then consider one of the larger capacity generators.
Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt Zoomed Plugin and Panel

Finding The Best Solar Generator For Home

There’s no doubt that every home could benefit from having a standby power supply on hand, but it can be confusing to find the generator that suits your needs specifically. As the popularity of solar power increases so too do the products that come with it, so you need to be careful when purchasing your home generator.

  • Always opt for more power - One rule of thumb to follow when purchasing a solar generator is to consider how much power you might need and then add some. It’s always better to have room for more power. As your energy needs increase, it’s easier to have the one system to rely on rather than constantly upgrading. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go for the biggest and best, just something a little smaller than you anticipate.
  • Efficiency of panels - The most important thing with any solar powered device, including installing solar at home, is to consider the efficiency rating of the panels. The more efficient the panels, the less area they’ll need to occupy, so you want something that can offer you great power supply with just a small space.
  • Backup power supply - A good solar power generator for home should have other options for recharging the batteries. Although it would be nice to rely solely on the sun, there might be times when it just isn’t possible, so having the option to charge your generator from a wall outlet or another source is ideal.
  • Additional features - Solar generators come with a range of add-ons to increase convenience for the user, including handles for transportation or a range of different plugin options to suit all of your different devices. Consider what might make your life easier when you rely on backup power at home.
Humless Solar Generator with 2-Solar Panel Bundle Design

Making The Switch to Solar at Home

Whether you’ve adopted a complete solar energy supply at home with rooftop panels and solar chargers, or just want to use the sun for backup power, for now, there’s no denying the range of benefits it has.

Deciding what is the best solar generator for home use isn’t going to provide the same answer for everyone. As each of our energy needs is unique and our homes rely on different devices and electronics to run, you’ll first need to calculate your household’s energy usage before you can choose the right solar generator for your home.

Having a solar generator means not only do you have reliable and renewable energy for home but that you can take these portable devices with you wherever you might need them. Whether it’s a camping trip away for a few days or your workplace in need of backup power, you’ll always have it free on hand with a portable solar generator.

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Make the switch to solar today at home, and begin to reap the benefits of this amazing clean source of energy instantly. You’ll not only reduce your household’s carbon footprint and teach your children about the value or renewable energy, but you’ll save yourself a lot of money and discomfort from operating your traditional fuel powered generator.

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