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6 Situations When Its Handy to Have Solar Generator

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We often don’t realize how much we rely on electricity until it’s gone, and often then it’s too late to do anything about it. Having a generator on hand can be extremely convenient for planned outages or those emergencies where you’re left without power.

A solar generator, though, can be used in even more situations and offers a comfortable and safe source of power that can provide you with just enough energy to keep your modern conveniences running. Here are just a few situations where it might be handy to have your solar generator within reach.

Camping And Holidays

The most common use for a generator tends to be on holidays and camping trips where you’ll also be without power. While it’s nice to escape and get off the grid for a few days, there are still some essentials you might rely on.

PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Usage For Camping

Having a solar generator can give you just enough power to keep your food fresh, laptop and phone charged for emergency communication, and give your campsite light during the evening hours. Even the smaller systems can provide enough wattage for the basics, so there’s no need to spend a lot on large gasoline powered generators.

Fishing And Day Trips

Even if you’re planning on being gone for just a day, you might still need to have a reliable source of backup energy ready. Having a solar generator on hand can give you peace of mind in case you become lost or stuck due to weather conditions, or simply to keep items powered up throughout the day.

Many people might choose to take a solar generator along to a family picnic or outing so that they can keep electronics running and their food refrigerated, bringing with them the modern conveniences of home without having to cart around a bulky gasoline powered generator.

Briggs & Stratton Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator in Use while Camping


Many families have a backup generator at home for emergencies, particularly those that live in areas prone to wild weather. When a blackout strikes, there’s no telling how long your home may be without power so it’s essential to have an energy source on hand.

Keeping a solar generator around at home can give you peace of mind that you’ll never be without power, so if there’s an emergency and you need to keep your fridge or cell phone charged you know it’s possible with your solar device. When the generator’s battery needs charging, you can use the sun to power it up provided the weather permits.

Workplace Backup Power

Although it might seem like a great excuse to head home early for the day, there are many workplaces that need to operate even during a blackout. Having a backup solar generator at the office means not only can you keep your important appliances running, but because they have no moving parts they’re virtually silent to run and produce no dangerous gases.

Goal Zero Yeti Powering a Microwave in a Kitchen

Standard generators can’t be used indoors as they emit carbon monoxide which is fatal when inhaled. A solar generator doesn’t use any fuel or make any noise when running, ensuring that the workplace runs without the distraction of a loud generator humming in the background.

Any Time You’re Indoors

These added abilities to operate indoors mean your solar generator is useful for any time you need your power source inside. Traditional generators can’t be run inside the house as they emit dangerous gases, so a solar panel generator is the safest choice.

This clean and renewable source of energy will run quietly and safely in the background, making it the top choice for your family and the environment’s health. Carbon monoxide poisoning makes up one of the highest percentages of poisoning in the US, so it’s essential to keep yourself and others safe.


No matter what the situation, there’s no denying just how useful it is to know you always have backup power on hand. Using a solar generator is not only better for the environment, but it ensures an added level of safety and health to your family while giving you just enough power to live in comfort.

Powersource 1800 next to Solar Panels

While generators are certainly one of the handiest inventions we’ve had in modern times, the addition of solar energy to these devices has added even more convenience to having a backup power supply. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or camping somewhere off the grid, you can have clean and renewable energy to take along with you.

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