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Printable Solar Cells Are Future Of Solar Technology

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Renewable energy is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. This is great news to hear, considering how the world’s non renewable energy sources, namely oil and coal come at a great cost to our natural environment. Not only this, but these resources are finite, and at least in the case of oil, we have no idea when the wells may dry up.


The potential environmental downsides to overusing greenhouse gas-emitting resources have been well documented throughout the course of the last decade, even being proven true by the rapidly-rising level of global temperatures, with 2016 having been the most generally hot year that has been recorded in the past thousands of years.

The finite form of these resources also poses another potential hazard, although this hazard is not as naturally dangerous, it poses a host of human dangers inherent only to something as important as energy-harnessing resources.

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Entire economies are built upon resources such as coal and oil, if these resources were to ever dry up, we would find ourselves on the receiving end of one of the most potent economic disasters in human history.

Solar Cells Are Future Of Solar Energy

History has demonstrated that times of low natural resources have been some of the most warlike in all of human memory. So in addition to crashing economies, the drying up of our currently-used finite resources can potentially lead to the largest war of all time.

Solar panels are one of the most reliable ways to get renewable energy, all that you have to do is make sure that they are pointing in a direction that they will absorb the most sunlight, and ensure that you live in an area where there is adequate sunlight to power your panels.

Solar energy is easily one of the most efficient and easily-installed methods of using renewable energy for your home. If you have a power system which is compatible with your solar panels, it is simply a question of purchasing your solar panels, and having a technician come install them on the roof of your home, integrating them into your power supply.

Solar Panels Future

The unfortunate downside to solar energy is that the solar panels required to harness this type of power are rather expensive, due to the energy-consuming process that is required to produce them. This is the main obstacle between most people being able to power their homes through solar power, and an advancement in this field would greatly benefit the environment and the energy industry.

With a new advancement in solar technology, solar panels may be more accessible to the masses than they have ever been before. A scientific team from the University of Toronto has discovered a way to make printable solar cells.

The process of manufacturing these new perovskite solar panels has been known for some time now, but thanks to new advances in the technique, they are easier to make and more durable during their usage as solar panels.

Research of Solar Cells


This advancement in terms of producing these printable solar cells can lead to solar panels becoming more popular than ever on the roofs of homes around the world. This will indirectly contribute to the cleanliness of the environment and also reduce the strain on more finite resources.

All that is needed is to find a way to combine this advancement in printable solar cells with current silicon based techniques, and the level of efficiency can reach current commercial standards, so within a few years we should have a much more cost-effective option to purchase solar panels for our homes and we can take a big step towards cleaning up our environment and our energy economy.

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