PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Held by a Woman

PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V

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If you rely on backup power for emergencies or prefer to take some smaller modern conveniences along when heading into the wilderness, the Power Oak Portable Generator is the ideal system for you. This device runs on clean energy without the need for gasoline, so you can feel safe using it indoors and out.

Power Oak 1600W Portable Inverter Generator can be powered using the sun’s natural energy or plugged into a standard electrical outlet, for a greater variety of charging options. This means you can keep it charged for months just by using solar energy so you don’t need to worry about expensive gas refills.

PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Usage For Camping

Power Oak Solar Generators

As one of the most trusted names in solar generators, you can trust Power Oak to supply a powerful and reliable inverter generator for all of your needs. This amazing product uses a polymer lithium ion battery which means it’s more environmentally friendly, durable, and portable than other competitor’s brands.

  • Multiple charging options - Even when the sun can’t be out to charge your panels, you can still plug the generator into a wall outlet to provide it with a quick burst of energy. If you want to use solar, simply hook the generator up to panels and let the sun do all of the work.
  • Versatile for indoors and out - Thanks to the emission-free and silent running of this solar generator, you’re able to use it both indoors and out without worrying about dangerous gases or loud noises.
  • Handy LED display - Unlike other solar generators where you rely on guesswork to see your energy usage, the Power Oak model has convenient LED lights which show capacity, charge, discharge, and failure status so you don’t need to guess any longer.
PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Size and Weight

Priced at about $1,800 this model is a little on the more expensive side compared to other solar generators of comparable wattage. However, with the Power Oak brand behind it, you’re paying for the reliability and durability of this name.

Possible Downfalls With The 1600W Power Oak Generator

The major issue with the Power Oak Generator comes with its price, considering how much power you could get from a fuel generator for the same costs. If renewable and solar energy is important to you and a reliable brand, you will likely be happy to pay the extra cost. When you also add into the final costs your solar panels, this item does tend to get a bit pricey.

The Verdict

As one of the main issues with solar energy is its unreliability, it’s nice to know that your power usage is backed with one of the most trusted names in generators. Power Oak have crafted a durable and powerful solar generator with this device, and one that certainly seems worth the most expensive price tag.

PowerOak Portable Inverter Generator 110V Design

Our Rating

The extra features are what make this generator worth the money, with its LED light display and lithium ion battery. For those times when you need more power than a traditional solar generator can supply without leaving a hefty carbon footprint, the Power Oak 1600W Portable Inverter Generator is your top pick.

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