PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator Next to a Camper and Tent

PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

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If you’re often taking camping and fishing trips away without power, or want a backup energy source to keep your family safe and comfortable during unexpected outages, you may have been hesitant in purchasing a traditional generator previously.

With their dangerous fumes and loud noises, you might be instantly put off regardless of the convenience they can offer. However, with the Power Oak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator, you can get all of the benefits of backup power without the pollution or noise.

PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator on a Grass Field next to Solar Panel

The Power Oak Solar Difference

The main point of difference when using a quality solar generator such as the Power Oak 400Wh is the ability to use it anywhere you need. Whether it’s indoors or out, there’s no need to worry about noise or dangerous fumes affecting you and your family so you can enjoy portable power wherever you are.

  • Three charging options - Unlike gas powered generators that only give you one choice, the Power Oak Solar Generator can be powered using solar energy from the sun, your car’s DC charger, or by plugging it straight into a wall outlet.
  • Samsung Lithium Ion Battery - The standard built-in battery on this model has a longer lifespan and is more environmentally friendly than the competitor’s generators which use a lead-acid one. This also makes the system more lightweight and easier to transport.
  • Easy to read display - The LCD battery display is a major feature on this system which shows you exactly how much power you have left. You’ll never be left in the middle of charging something only to have the generator run out as can commonly happen with other devices.
PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator Carried by a Man

This 400Wh generator costs around $550 which makes it almost comparable to a standard fuel generator of quadruple the size. However, using clean and natural energy to power your home and campsite is worth the extra money so it pays to invest a little more if this is important to you.

Disadvantages With The Power Oak Solar Generator

The only real downfall with the Power Oak Solar Generator is with the price as it’s almost double the cost of comparable solar generators with the same power. If you’re looking for an entry level solar generator then this might not be the best pick for you, as it can set you back a fair bit.

Editor’s Recommendations

Although a little pricey at about $550 for 400Wh of power, this premium price tag is what you can expect to pay for using solar and renewable energy. Considering you can save on dangerous fumes and disruptive running sounds, it’s well worth it to spend a little more to harness natural power from the sun.

PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator Design

Our Rating

Overall, the Power Oak 400Wh Solar Generator is a strong contender in the solar generator market with a longer lasting lithium ion battery and extremely lightweight feel. It’s ideal for taking camping with just enough energy to keep your important small appliances charged for a few days.

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