Monerator Gusto Portable Solar Generator Package

Monerator Gusto Portable Solar Generator

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If you’re looking to test the waters of solar energy and want a small but reliable portable solar generator to take along on camping trips, the Monerator Gusto might be the choice for you. With lithium-ion phosphate batteries included, it can give you thousands of cycles of reliable power that is lighter, safer, and longer lasting.

The maximum output of this device is 140 watts, so you can keep your basics running with just the one device. Whether you want a small generator system for use at home in case of emergencies or something lightweight to take on trips, the Monerator is a great pick.

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The Complete Package

Every Monerator Gusto Portable Solar Generator kit comes complete with solar panels, charger, inverter, USB cord, manual, batteries, and LED holder. There’s no need to purchase anything else to begin enjoying free energy straight from the sun.

  • Unique battery technology - As most generators use lead-acid batteries, they don’t offer the long life or reliability of these LifePO4 batteries in the Monerator system. These batteries will last three times as long as the competitors and make for a more compact generator.
  • Lightweight and portable - A generator has never been more easy to carry with just under 5 pounds of weight to it. This means you can take it along hiking or camping without breaking a sweat.
  • No fumes or noise - This amazing solar powered generator runs without gas, so there’s no noise or fumes to disrupt your peaceful camping experience.

For only around $220, the Monerator Gusto 10 Eco Kit can provide your family with 128Wh of power and a reliable battery life, making it an extremely affordable solar generator kit.

A Long Time to Recharge With Solar

The only downfall when using the Monerator Gusto and powering it up with the sun is how long it can take to recharge the battery. Give yourself at least a full day of sun, and maybe more, to keep it charged. This means you’ll need to converse the battery if you plan on using just solar energy to power up.

Final Thoughts

The Monerator Gusto 10 Eco Kit is a comprehensive solar generator that has everything you could hope for to start using the sun’s energy. Very reasonably priced at just $220, the cost for this likely explains the lacking power of its 10-watt solar panels. Once the battery is fully charged, though, it will last twice as long through the night than other models.

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Our Rating

This device can give you up to 128 watts of power, so it’s just enough to keep your cell phones charged and lighting on. The most impressive feature is its weight, and at just under 5 pounds you can virtually take it anywhere without realizing you have it. Considering the low price, this is an amazingly affordable way to get portable solar energy that’s both reliable and durable.

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