LB1 High-Performance PB160 Solar Generator with Panels on Grass

LB1 High-Performance PB160 Solar Generator

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For those times when you need an emergency boost of power during unplanned outages or scheduled trips away when you’re going off the grid, you’ll want a durable power pack to keep your necessities running. The LB1 High Performance PB160 Solar Generator can provide you with just that, and is fully charged using the sun’s natural rays.

This handy solar generator can charge up any device with a USB plug, so it’s compatible with cameras, phones, laptops, tablets, and more. For AC/DC charging, simply plug in any 110V device to get full power and up to 160Wh of energy. Using the sun’s free energy provides you with a reliable and renewable source of power that won’t cost a cent to run, and you’ll be free from harmful emissions that standard generators can produce.

LB1 High-Performance PB160 Solar Generator and Devices that Can Connect

A Power Pack With More Ways to Charge

This power pack can act as a solar generator, with the ability to attach multiple panels to increase your load. Otherwise, simply plug it into the wall outlet or into the 12v cigarette lighter of your car. Within just 6 hours of wall power or 12 of solar, you’ll have a fully charged battery. At about $250 it’s a fairly standard price range for a generator of this size but made with quality construction.

  • Universal plug design - 110V of AC power available to power your lights, power tools, laptop batteries, and USB devices.
  • Portable and convenient - The LB1 High Performance PB160 Solar Generator is one of the most lightweight on the market. Weighing in at less than 3.5 pounds you can virtually carry this around with you anywhere. Simply set up your solar panels and you’re ready to go.
  • Loads of power with a small device - For such a compact design, this power pack can charge your smartphone up to 20 times, and a range of other devices. It’s the only generator you’ll ever need for camping trips or emergency backup power at home.

One Very Small Downside

Every other area of this solar powered generator excelled, except for the fact that as it ran the fan attached made a humming sound. One of the reasons that people steer away from fuel powered generators today is their loud noise, so this product doesn’t eliminate that entirely.

Editor’s Recommendation

The LB1 High Performance Solar Generator comes in at a fairly standard price for a power pack at about $250, however, you will need to purchase the compatible solar panels for it if you choose to power it up this way. Having multiple options for recharging the battery is ideal, though, and makes it far more convenient than solar alone.

The humming could become annoying in quiet situations, but it is far less noise than a traditional generator so it can be overlooked. Considering there are no fumes or other running sounds, it was only a mild inconvenience.

LB1 High-Performance PB160 Solar Generator Design

Our Rating

Overall, LB1 have created a very multipurpose solar generator with a range on plugs for both in and outward supply of power. This makes it the camper’s dream thanks to its versatility, so it’s definitely recommended for trips away from home.

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