Humless Solar Generator with 2-Solar Panel Bundle on Grass Field

Humless Solar Generator With 2-Solar Panel Bundle

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For a solar generator that can offer far more power than your regular system and provide you with hours of backup energy through times of need, the Humless Solar Generator is a clear winner. This powerful product boasts longer life than any other with their revolutionary advanced battery technology.

If you’re looking for a solar generator that’s far more durable, reliable, and efficient than the rest, this system from Humless will deliver. It’s lightweight, portable, and far more reliable than comparable generators and comes complete with everything you need to get started, including 100 watts of solar panels.

Humless Solar Generator with 2-Solar Panel Bundle Generator

Feel The Difference With a LiFePo4 Advanced Battery

The Humless Solar Generator stands out from the rest thanks to their advanced battery technology. This battery means a 700% increase in the number of times you can charge it compared to other systems, as well the ability to utilize 100% of its power before it needs recharging.

  • 4 charging options - Unlike some solar generators with just one option for charging, the Humless gives you four. Solar power, generator DC, wall outlet, and even wind or hydro will get the battery recharged and ready for use.
  • 200 watts of solar power - With a whole lot of power to offer, you can keep the essentials you need running. This generator is great for use at home or camping, with a whole range of plug in and run options.
  • Operates as Uninterrupted Power Supply - This system works as an Automatic Backup System and Uninterrupted Power Supply so it’s far more than just your typical generator.

For just under $2,500 this powerful device can be yours, giving you absolute peace of mind that your family will be cared for when the power goes out.

Not Enough Panels For Its Power

Although the Humless features state of the art battery technology, the 200 watts of power available with its current solar setup doesn’t really match these requirements. It’s recommended to purchase more panels for attachment, which will increase the already high price of this product.

Final Recommendations

For an extremely powerful generator setup, the Humless seems to have it all. Although the current setup with 200 watts of solar panels could be better, the main thing you’re paying for with this system is its unique battery. Considering you can achieve a longer life and more recharges than most solar generators, it will pay for itself in convenience.

Humless Solar Generator with 2-Solar Panel Bundle Design

Our Rating

Another standout feature of the Humless Solar Generator is its ability to be powered up with wind and turbine power too, so it’s even friendlier for the environment than other systems. Without any noise or emissions coming from it, you won’t even notice it running in the background. Once fully charged, this is a generator to be reckoned with and allows for 1500 watts of pure sine wave AC power, making it one of the most powerful available.

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