Solar Panel Cellphone Charger with 3 Panels

Your Guide to Solar Panel Charger Devices

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Portable solar use and in particular solar panel chargers might make up only a small portion of this renewable energy source, but the possibilities and benefits are endless. A solar panel charger allows you to use the best of solar energy but take it with you anywhere you go and use it with a range of devices.

Whether you’re harnessing the sun’s energy for convenience, entertainment, or in an emergency situation, there’s no denying just how handy it can be to have free and clean energy on hand virtually any time you need it.

A solar panel charger comes in many forms, the most popular being either cell phone chargers or power packs, designed to give the user enough energy to keep their electronics switched on and remain in contact with the rest of the world.

Solar Power Pack Chargers

Using a solar panel charger not only saves you the hassle of using batteries, fuel, or a wall outlet to power your needs, but it can greatly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Solar energy isn’t just great for homes and larger-scale setups but has just as much benefit on a smaller stage like this.

How Does a Solar Panel Charger Work?

A portable solar charger works in the exact same way as normal solar panels on a rooftop, however instead of feeding this energy into the power supply or your home it’s directed to a battery for storage. This battery is then used as a charger for a range of devices such as cell phone chargers, USB chargers, and even generators.

  • The sun hits the solar panels to provide it with heat and light, so ensure that it has sufficient sunlight for this to happen. While it doesn’t need to be completely sunny as you can still catch UV rays when it’s overcast, it does help to have it out of shaded areas.
  • The panels convert this heat into electricity with their silicone cells thanks to the photons of light from the sun. These panels are made up from many tiny cells joined together and come in different efficiency ratings depending on a few factors.
  • ​Electricity is fed into the battery from the panels and can then store it until it’s ready for use. Larger battery sizes can store more power, but they’ll need adequate panels to supply it.
  • The full battery outputs power to your device, either one at a time or with a range of inputs. This energy can be stored for later use so it’s ideal for a backup power supply to keep around at home.
iPhone Charged by Solar Powered Charger

Depending on the size of your charger, its battery, and the intended use, the wattage will be different. For very small panels that can provide a single charge for your phone or device, you should only need about 10 watts. Bigger panel chargers that are used for generator purposes can go upwards of 1000 watts, so they can vary quite significantly.

The Benefits of Using a Solar Panel Charger

If you’re considering switching to green energy in your home or devices, it’s great to know just how beneficial it can be. Even just changing some of your appliances or devices to a solar panel charger can bring many advantages over traditional power sources.

  • Free energy - Once you’ve made the purchase of your charger, there are virtually no more costs to keep it running. Since you now use the sun’s light to keep your batteries charged, you won’t need to fork out for fuel or electricity to keep it running.
  • Freedom of movement - With a portable supply of power, you can keep moving on with your day as it charges. Unlike power outlets where you’re stuck in one place as it charges, a solar panel charger allows you to take both the device and power supply with you.
  • Good for the environment - As American continues to lead most other countries in their greenhouse gas emissions, it’s great to know that using solar panel can help reduce your carbon footprint. According to the EPA, small changes such as this can go a long way in decreasing our rate of pollution.
  • Can be recharged anywhere - As long as the sun is out, you’ll be able to charge your solar panel device. In emergency situations where you might not make it back to civilization to charge your phone in time, a solar charger can do just that for you. It works in any country or location where the sun is shining, so it’s a universal supply of power.
  • Useful in an emergency - Not only is solar charging great for your entertainment needs, but many aid and disaster relief workers rely on this power too. Solar providers Goal Zero have supplied many items to those afflicted by natural disasters as these products help them to stay connected in times of need.
Creative Edge Solar Charger Connected to Two Smartphones

How to Find The Best Solar Panel Charger

As a market that continues to grow, there are so many options available for finding the best solar panel charger. Just with any use of solar power, be it at home or outdoors, you first need to calculate your energy use to find the product and wattage that will meet your requirements.

There are so many innovative products now available that rely on a solar panel charger to run, and depending on your unique circumstances there may be one or many that are right for you. It’s important to use a reputable brand for your solar needs, though, as you may one day rely on this item in an emergency so you don’t want to settle for anything inferior.

Another handy feature to have on a solar charger is the option for another power source. This is particularly useful in solar generators where you might need a quick top up of energy when the sun can’t provide it, allowing you to plug it into a power outlet to recharge the battery.

Multiple DOSHIN Solar Powerbanks

Finally, the efficiency of your solar panels is important. As each solar panel is made differently, they can’t all generate the same amount of energy from the same amount of light. While it may cost a little more to purchase one with a higher efficiency level made from crystalline silicone, you’re paying for the convenience and reliability of this superior product.

Solar Panel Phone Charger

As the most commonly charged item we own, our cell phones generally require a recharge once every 24 hours. Using a solar panel phone charger is not only an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint each day, but also to have a reliable and portable source of power for times when you can’t get to a wall outlet.

The efficiency of a solar panel phone charger will also come down to the type of cell phone you use. According to reports, an iPhone will charge twice as fast as a Samsung when using solar energy so a solar panel iPhone charger certainly makes for a great investment. That’s not to say other devices can’t benefit from clean and renewable energy, though, as long as you’re aware it can take a little longer to power up.

Cellphone Connected to a Solar Panel Phone Charger

Solar cell phone chargers come with some amazing features, so it’s all about finding one that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to keep the small solar panels on your belt in direct sunlight, or stick it to your home or office window so it gets a constant supply of UV power, there are so many unique ways to keep charged.

Most average sized solar panel phone chargers will take at least three hours to power your iPhone, assuming that the solar device itself is fully charged too. Keeping one on your desk or in your bag for emergencies means it’s a simple but effective way to utilize solar energy every day, without breaking the bank.

Solar Panel USB Charger

A solar panel USB charger works specifically with devices that use a USB, so they’re quite versatile in their applications. Most cell phone solar chargers will actually be compatible with all USBs, so if you plan on charging multiple devices with it then this is the way to go.

When you consider how many items you need to keep charged on a regular basis that rely on a USB input, there are quite a few wires you need to keep lying around. Also, consider that you’re on the go constantly, so you generally require some backups of these chargers at work, home, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time.

Solar Panel Usb Charger with White Cable

A solar panel battery charger is one device that can power all of your electronics including phones, tablets, e-readers, mini HD cameras, and more. With just one device you can keep all of these powered up and you don’t need to spend a cent on electricity.

A portable solar panel charger such as this means you can take free electricity with you anywhere you go, so they’re great for college students, workers, emergency aid staff, campers, hikers, or anyone that gets out of the house from time to time. Even if you don’t need to travel with it, having a solar charger with you at home reduces your carbon footprint just a little every time you use it.

Solar Power Packs And Generators

For something more powerful than a solar panel phone or USB charger, you can upgrade to a power pack or generator. Solar generators are slowly replacing fuel powered generators as a cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable source of renewable energy for many different uses.

These solar power packs can offer thousands of watts of energy and often come with the ability to attach further batteries and panels for even greater electricity needs. A solar power pack works in just the same way as its smaller counterparts such as iPhone chargers, but just on a larger scale with more efficient panels and batteries.

Big Solar Power Pack

A solar generator can range from anything small like 150 watts of power right up to over 2000 watts of power, so their abilities can differ. Whether you need just enough power to keep some minimal lighting or charge your laptop on a camping trip or prefer to power up a whole site with a fridge and sound system, you can now rely on solar energy to do this for you.

Most solar generators have a basic set up of the main unit which features the battery and inverter, as well as attachable solar panels. These panels can be placed on the roof of your RV or anywhere around the campsite, so they’re simple to set and forget as they provide you with ongoing clean energy.

Incorporating Solar Energy Into Your Life

Not only has solar energy become a popular way to power your entire home, but with these solar panel charger systems, you can now take that energy with you anywhere. Having a portable supply of renewable power means you can continue to reduce your carbon footprint any time you leave the house.

As we see a shift further towards cleaner energy options, the number of solar charging abilities is likely to expand. With so many benefits to the user such as convenience, portability, and environmental friendliness, there’s never been a better time to switch at least some of your appliance charging to solar.

iPhone Being Charged by a Solar Charger

Although our iPhones use only a reported 1kWh of energy through an entire year, making these small changes to how we supply our devices with power is the first step to a healthier planet. Not only are you helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, but you’re sourcing your own energy free from the sun and carrying it with you comfortably in your pocket.

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