Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator In Nature

Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator

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If you like to travel off the grid and take with you just enough power to keep your creature comforts close, there’s no need to carry around a heavy generator. The Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator is your clean and renewable source of portable energy for all light and medium power usage and extremely lightweight to transport.

With the Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator, you’re able to keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, radios, and flashlights charged, all by using free energy direct from the sun. This kit comes with everything included, as well as a 50-watt solar panel, so you can set it up straight from the box.

Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator Used in a Tent

An Adaptable Solar Generator

Although the Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator comes with a custom battery and solar panel, you do have the option to upgrade if you need more power. By adding an extra battery you can get more running time overnight, or a larger solar panel can help to draw in more energy.

  • MultiPort attachment - The patented MultiPort attachment in the 201 allows you to expand further, giving you the option to make your own PowerPole 12 V connections.
  • No noise or fumes - Unlike traditional gas-powered generators, the 201 won’t emit carbon monoxide or make any loud sounds as it runs, thanks to its simple construction and earth friendly design.
  • Quality battery and parts - The Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator uses a sealed valve regulated AGM Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery so you’re guaranteed absolute power and reliability with its parts.

A Few Areas For Improvement With The 201

This generator kit does come with all of the parts required, but the 50-watt solar panel attached isn’t really adequate. You can purchase a 100-watt panel or add another, but this is extra time and money for the user. With such a small panel attached, the product as it is would only be good for small scale energy use.

Considering the lack of solar panels and need to upgrade for a significant power supply, the cost of the 201 at close to $600 is a little high. With just a bit of knowledge and parts, you could easily create something as powerful and convenient for at least half of that.

Final Thoughts

Although the Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator is extremely friendly to the environment, there are a few areas where it falls short. The solar panel attached to this system is quite small, so you’d likely want to upgrade immediately, meaning it might have been better for them to leave it off altogether. There doesn’t appear to be any other charging options, meaning solar is your only choice even during bad weather.

Expeditionary 201 Solar Generator Design

Our Rating

However, there are areas where this product shines such as its plug and play capabilities. This and other small conveniences make it a lot easier to use than other solar generators on the market. Overall, it’s a quality made generator that will likely last for years, but there are probably others available that can meet its capabilities for a lot less.

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