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The Benefits of a Solar Backpack

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In this day and age where we’re all constantly connected to one device or another, the importance of having a source of power with us at all times has never been greater. With a wide variety of electronics and technology such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, we rely constantly on having these charged and ready to go when we need them most.

A solar backpack is one of the most recent inventions to incorporate the green energy of the sun with modern convenience, giving the user a constant supply of energy to keep their devices charged and working.

Woman Carrying Solar Powered Backpack

These solar backpacks can power just enough energy to keep you connected with the world, so they’re ideal for people who like to take hiking trips or go camping for days on end when they might otherwise not have a reliable power source. Not only are they convenient, but they’re a great alternative to traditional power supplies and friendly to the environment too.

The Technology Behind a Solar Panel Backpack

Most standard solar backpacks use a basic design of a backpack with solar panel attached. With two straps that go over the user’s shoulders, you’re able to display the solar cells on the back towards the sun as you wear it so that it recharges the battery.

The solar panel for backpack converts the sunlight that it collects into electricity, which is stored in the batteries built into the bag. This power can then be used to charge your electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets so that you can have a constant supply of free and renewable energy.

Solar Backpack Design and Parts

These amazing inventions can generate up to 120 watts of power a day, so it’s more than enough to keep your basic devices charged. With so many benefits to the user and others, in addition to its convenience, they’re one of the simplest yet most effective solar designs yet.

Benefits of Having a Solar Backpack

Other than being extremely convenient to the user, there are other benefits to be found with a solar backpack. As most standard solar backpacks cost around $100 and can last for many years, they’re extremely great value for money and an impressive source of green energy.

  • Environmentally friendly - There’s a good reason why solar energy’s use has increased more than six-fold in recent years, and it all comes down to the benefits for the earth. Using a solar backpack means you cut down on electricity which is both costly and damaging to the environment.
  • Freedom - In these modern times, many of us might feel contained to our houses as that’s where the power supply is. With a solar backpack, you don’t need to worry about leaving the house with a quarter of your phone’s battery as you can simply plug it in on the run to your solar panel backpack.
  • Portability - These backpacks give you the power to take energy with you, so you can literally charge your phone from anywhere on earth. They’re ideal for camping or trips outdoors where you rely on communication to stay safe but might not have access to electricity. Thanks to their light weight, they’re far more portable than a standard generator as well.
  • Style - These innovative solar backpacks offer a modern and stylish twist to your standard backpack, so not only are they functional but they also look great too.
  • Safety - Having a solar backpack can give you peace of mind that you’ll never be without emergency lights or electronics. If you’re planning a trip away from home or happen to find yourself lost, knowing that you won’t be without power can be a huge relief in an otherwise uncertain time.
Biker With Solar Backpack and Solar Backpack in Woods

Who Can Benefit From Having a Solar Backpack?

While you might assume that these backpacks were designed solely for entertainment and to keep us connected to our favorite electronics, there is actually a range of people who can benefit greatly from this invention.

  • Students and workers - Anyone that commutes each day to work or school will understand how draining a long train ride can be on your smartphone battery. With your solar panel backpack, you can keep charged throughout the day so you can have your electronics always on to provide you with entertainment for the long journey home.
  • Hikers and campers - For those who spend days or hours outdoors and off the grid, having this portable energy supply can be a literal lifesaver. In the case of an emergency where you might require your phone, this backup power means you’ll never have to be without battery and it can continue to charge when you’re on the move.
  • Emergency relief staff - Field workers, emergency staff, and international aid workers all rely on solar backpacks to keep their important devices and lights charged when on a mission. Not only are they great for emergency staff, but anyone who works outdoors and needs to stay connected but doesn’t have access to electricity.

How to Find a Good Solar Backpack

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to navigate through all the different styles and functions of solar backpacks. Depending on your intended use, you’ll need to ensure you select a product that can give you enough power to keep your important devices charged. Therefore, the size of the backpacking solar panels sizes are important.

Man Using His Solar Backpack to Charge Cellphone

Other factors to consider are compartments and sleeves that can house cameras, laptops, and other important electronics. If you work with delicate devices it will be essential that these stay protected at all times.

Most importantly, though, is choosing a quality product offered by a reputable brand. With so many different backpacks to choose from, the reliability of this product is going to be essential for those times when you need it in an emergency.

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