Things to Consider before Installing a Solar Roof

Things To Consider Before Installing A Solar Roof

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Tesla’s recent acquisition of Solar City tells us how Solar Roofs and Solar Shingles are slowly becoming the next big thing. With the rising cost of electricity, consumers are now eagerly in search of alternative energy sources. Solar energy is also a great solution for eco-friendly consumers who want to minimize damage to the environment.

Solar Roof House South Pointing

What are Solar Roof Shingles?

Solar Roof Shingles are shingles that incorporate solar technology to generate electricity from the sun whilst offering protection to your rooftop. Solar Roof Shingles combine the benefits of solar energy with the dependability of traditional roof shingles.

Solar Roof Shingles

It offers the same protection against outdoor elements similar to regular roofing solutions while maintaining aesthetics. This new trend is being implemented in several houses around the country as people are starting to learn about the benefits of generating their own power.

Pros Of Installing Solar Roof Shingles

Here are some notable pros of Installing Solar Shingles:

  • Sleek Appearance: Solar roof tiles offer improved aesthetic appeal as compared to regular roof materials. Regular solar panels stick out from rooftops and appear bulky while solar tiles are designed to complement your existing roof. These tiles may not match perfectly but they do offer a sleek and stylish appearance. Solar tiles can be integrated to the exterior design of your house.
  • Cut Costs: According to reports, installing solar shingles can help you lower electricity bills by about 50%. This helps consumers cut costs in the long run, allowing you to invest money somewhere more productive.
  • Easy Installation: Solar shingles are comparatively easier to install than bulky solar panels. In fact, regular roof installers can initiate the project on their own and take care of most of the work. With proper guidance, you can probably take care of the work by yourself. However, you will need the assistance of an electrician to set up the wiring.
  • Saves Space: Unlike bulky solar panels that take up too much room, sleek and solar tiles can be installed in existing space and do not require large spaces for installation. Additionally, solar shingles are available in a variety of models and sizes which means you can conveniently invest in a design that matches your needs.

Cons Of Installing Solar Roof Shingles

On the flipside, here are some cons you ought to keep in mind prior installing solar roof panels:

  • Metallic Appearance: While some may appreciate the sleek design, others might not be a fan of the metallic look, especially if it does not complement the exterior design of your home. Consider your aesthetic preferences before you make an investment. Solar tiles are available in several designs, hence choose one that best matches your home.
  • High Installation Costs: Although solar shingles can reduce electricity bills in the long run, be prepared for high installation costs. Despite recent advancements in technology, solar tile installation can cost between $10,000 and $20,000, so consider all the pros and cons before committing to solar powered project.
  • Lower Efficiency: Solar panels are known to be more efficient that solar tiles. This is because solar panels can be angled and positioned for best sunlight exposure. This means you might require more shingles to achieve the same results, doubling your total cost. However, this might not be a major con for users who appreciate the aesthetic appeal that comes with installing solar shingles as compared to panels.
Solar Shingle Roof

Bottom Line

Consider these factors before installing a solar roof. Good luck!

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