Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt

Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt

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If you’ve looked around for a generator that can provide you with enough power to live comfortably through a blackout but can’t find anything reliable enough, the huge 2500 watt Be Prepared Solar Generator could be exactly what you’re searching for. This large generator can keep your most important electronics powered up so you don’t have to give up on any creature comforts at home or away.

This generator kit is fully assembled so there’s no need to add any extra solar panels or inverters. The Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt system has a 30 amp charge controller, 100 amp hour battery, and 2 x 100-watt solar panels so it’s ready to go as soon as it’s been charged.

Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt in Backyard

A Powerful Device in a Convenient Package

The Be Prepared Solar Generator might be large when compared to others, but it offers true reliable power and a convenient carry case. With wheels and a handle, you’re able to move your generator around as you need without putting a strain on your back.

  • 2500 watts of power - With a 5000 watt peak/2500 watt inverter contained within, you’re able to have enough energy to keep your most important electronics powered up.
  • AC outlet charging - When the sun can’t shine enough to power up your battery, the Be Prepared Solar Generator allows you to recharge with an AC outlet so that you never have to be without backup power at home.
  • Enough solar panel cable to reach - Unlike some solar generators, the Be Prepared kit has a large 30ft cable to attach your solar panels so you can have them getting the very best of the sun’s energy no matter where you go.

For the power that this device gives, its current price tag of about $1,175 is exceptional value for money. Considering it’s without most of the bells and whistles of other generators, you’re paying mainly for its power supply and not much else.

Only One Small Design Flaw

This generator is great for those looking for simplicity, but the LED display is a little hard to read. Without having access to this it can be hard to manage your power supply, so it might have been better positioned elsewhere on the system.


For a truly basic but reliable solar power generator, the Be Prepared Solar Generator is the only product you’ll ever need. While it may not be as fancy as other generators, the dramatic price difference between this model will entice you to try something more simplistic.

Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watt Zoomed Plugin and Panel

Our Rating

With both USB and AC outlets you have a variety of plugs to choose from, and thanks to its huge battery potential it can last a campsite for days without a charge. Overall, the Be Prepared 2500 watt Solar Generator packs a huge punch in a big package.

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